Are the Yoga classes suitable for me?

Yoga does not have an age or size limit, these classes are open to everyone. Feel Free to pop me a message to discuss which class is best suited to your current fitness level and goals. If you have any health concerns then please contact your doctor first.


What shall I wear to a Yoga class?

Something comfortable, such as gym wear. I recommend avoiding lose tops which will block your view when bending forward.


What equipment do I need for a Yoga class?

In person classes: If you have your own mat then please do bring it with you, if you do not then we can provide one for you. Other useful items to bring include: Bottle of water / Medication (eg Inhaler if Asthmatic) / blanket (or something cosy) for relaxation and support under your knees when sitting.

Online classes: A comfortable, non slip surface to practice on. Roughly 2 square meters of space around you. A blanket (or something similar) for relaxation and support under your knees when sitting.


When can I eat before Yoga?

Please avoid eating a heavy meal before attending class. As a guideline, allow 2hrs after a light snack, or 4hrs after a heavy meal. Drink plenty of water, come hydrated!


Arrival information & Parking

Free parking is available on site. Please aim to arrive 10 minutes before the class, remove your shoes and socks, roll out your mat, and gather any props you’ll need for class. The class will start promptly at the specified time. Switch off electronic devices; anything that dings, rings or buzzes should be SWITCHED OFF during class.


How do I join an online Yoga class?

On the day of your class you will receive an email with the link and password to join the class, along with any other relevant information for that days class.


What do I do if I have an injury?

If you have any medical concerns, are suffering with an injury or medical condition, it is imperative that you seek advice from your GP or healthcare practitioner BEFORE attending a yoga class. If you have an injury or illness, there may be some yoga poses that need to be modified or avoided. Please seek advice from your Teacher before the class starts. It is your responsibility to notify the teacher of any injuries (new or ongoing) before every class. Always work to your own ability and respect the limitations of your body.


How do I cancel/ reschedule a Yoga class?

As long as you cancel/ reschedule 24 hours + before a booked class then you will receive a full refund, minus a transaction fee of £1.00 / be able to move your class without being charged. Simply follow the prompts in your email confirmation or contact Butterfly Yoga directly via email or FB messenger. Refunds can not be given for any classes which have expired or have been used already.

- Subscription classes can not be postponed and require 30 days notice to cancel due to processing time.

- A full refund is the remaining balance after discounting the full cost of any used classes from the overall balance paid and the transaction fee.


General data protection regulation (GDPR) policy

Your personal data will be held securely and will never knowingly be shared with a third party. Your data will be used respectfully, to communicate essential information relating to the class schedule. View the full privacy policy.