Find your inner
outer strength

Studio Classes

Realignment Yoga


—  Chris

"I cannot recommend this enough. Tami is fantastic and after 3 sessions

I am pain free for the first time in years.


£5 Yoga Taster Class


What does Butterfly Yoga do?

Group Yoga classes
Traditional Yoga combined with modern functional
movements. Improve flexibility and strength while relaxing your body head to toe.
Suitable for all levels. See what classes are currently being offered here.
Private Yoga sessions
Offered in Gloucester and surrounding areas. From the
comfort of your own home, sessions are created to meet your
exact goals at a pace that suits you. See more details here.
Soft Tissue & Sport Massage
Compliment your Yoga with a soft tissue & sport massage.
Reduce muscle and joint pain, decrease stress and tension, increase flexibility,
break down scar tissue, improve immune system
function and correct posture.
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Oils & Candle

Yoga & Massage
Reduce Pain
Feel Relaxed
Improve Flexibility

Correct Posture
Increase Strength

Boost Immune system
Decrease chance of future Injury
And so much more..


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Group Yoga Classes

Slow & Restorative

All levels welcome & 100 % beginner friendly.


Float through gentle postures.

Understand your body.

Slow down your thoughts.

Improve posture and mobility

Put movement back into stiff bodies.

Easier and more challenging variations offered.

Walk away feeling relaxed and rejuvenated!